Racial Equity Speakers

Racial equity can only be achieved when identity no longer predicts outcomes.  With so many of our systems lacking justice, as well as common sense, striving for merely racial equality is insufficient. Organizations must consider a myriad of factors (socioeconomics, geography, culture) in order to level the playing field. Those with privilege must understand how to spend it effectively. These thought leaders seek to dismantle systemic racism and promote policies that work for everyone.

Angelica Ross

Transgender Actress from “Pose” and “American Horror Story 1984″

Blair Imani

Author of “Modern HERstory” and “Making Our Way Home”

Chuck D

Public Enemy frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer


Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe winning musician

Michael Arceneaux

Author of “I Don’t Want To Die Poor” and “I Can’t Date Jesus”

Mykki Blanco

Transgender Activist, Rapper, and Performance Artist
Speech from Arrested Development


Musician and Mass Incarceration Activist featured in documentary “16 Bars”