Chad Moses

To Write Love On Her Arms.

photo of Chad Moses of To Write Love on Her Arms; click for bio

Chad Moses has worked for To Write Love on Her Arms since 2008, primarily serving as the music and events coordinator. Over the years, he has traveled thousands of miles to represent TWLOHA at hundreds of events. When he’s not finding creative ways to collaborate with musicians, festivals, and entertainment companies, Chad speaks at music venues and on college campuses. His writing is often featured on the TWLOHA blog.

As a resident advisor at the University of Virginia, Chad was equipped with ways to care for peers struggling with isolation and mental illness, but he never imagined that he would wind up needing the help he was trained to offer. Chad’s personal story involves depression, self-injury, and substance abuse, but it also involves healing and hope. It’s a story that serves as a launching point for confronting the college-specific stigma surrounding mental health, identity, and community.