Emily White

Making internships into a career. And making your music career into a sustainable life.

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Emily White’s career spans the entertainment industry, carving out a unique path that defines a modern maven. Upon seeing The Dresden Dolls play on campus as a college student, White introduced herself to frontwoman Amanda Palmer, quickly integrating into a core member of the band’s team. Post-graduation, White has since worked with Imogen Heap, The Fiery Furnaces, Dinosaur Jr., The Secret Machines, Angelique Kidjo, and Taj Mahal, as well as members of The String Cheese Incident and Drive-By Truckers.

At age 23, White wrote a pre-Radiohead In Rainbows “name your own price” distribution model that was passed along to legendary producer Bob Ezrin in 2007. A job offer at Michael Cohl’s Live Nation Artists followed with White handling Zac Brown Band when he was signed along with Madonna, U2 and Jay-Z.

Founding her first entertainment firm by age 25, White has worked with Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs, Margaret Cho, The Hush Sound, Amanda Palmer, Eric Burdon, Family of the Year, Hockey, The Autumn Defense, Fox Stevenson, Torres, Julia Nunes, Urge Overkill, and W. Kamau Bell. White has since expanded into sports managing Dave Zirin, Olympic Gold Medalists Anthony Ervin and Kaitlin Sandeno, as well as 2016 Head U.S. Olympic Swim Coach, David Marsh. 

After witnessing slim margins in the 2016 U.S. Election, White was inspired to get out the vote. The result was a new initiative called #iVoted, in which over 150 venues in 37 states let fans in on Election Night 2018, who showed a selfie from outside of their polling place. #iVoted has activated for the 2020 presidential election and beyond.

White’s name has graced the cover of Billboard, with her work additionally profiled in Fast Company, Forbes, Bloomberg, and ESPN. White proudly serves on the boards of Well-Dunn, CASH Music, SXSW, The David Lynch Foundation Live while additionally serving on The Grammys’ Education Committee and Pandora’s Artist Advisory Council. She is a past board member of Future of Music.
Interning 101 is White’s debut book, which is a coursebook at countless universities, with her second book, How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams out in 2020 (9GiantStepsBooks). White is additionally an adjunct instructor at NYU’s highly competitive Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

Popular Topics

#IVoted: How Everyone Can Make Tangible Change

In 2016, the U.S. Presidential Election was decided by 22,748 votes in Emily White’s home state of Wisconsin, with turnout largely down in Milwaukee and amongst young eligible voters. White, an entrepreneur and music industry vetran, quickly realized that number was roughly the capacity of the state’s major basketball arena. Says White, “I wanted to throw a huge concert that celebrated voting, but realized if we took the concept national, that we could have that much more impact.” #ivoted was launched shortly after, resulting in over 150 venues in 37 states who let fans in on Election Night 2018, that showed a selfie from outside of their polling place. Countless national acts from Jim James of My Morning Jacket to Playboi Carti, as well as Phoebe Bridgers, Good Charlotte, Dawes, Superchunk and beyond quickly signed on. Press coverage ensued from Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, Fader, Stereogum, and more, as well as the movement gracing the cover of Pollstar magazine, the concert industry’s leading trade publication. White deeply feels that this is what she can do to make tangible change moving forward, and shows us all how we can take simple steps to activate and engage with our surrounding communities to positively impact us all.

Interning 101

New York based entrepreneur Emily White brings her beloved how-to book Interning 101 to life for students entering or reentering the modern business landscape. As the ultimate how-to guide on what skills are expected in the workforce, but are often impossible to teach in a classroom setting, Interning 101 is an in-demand coursebook at countless universities ranging from The University of Southern California to New York University. Learn how to maximize your internships to put yourself in the best possible position to get hired in highly competitive fields from business to entertainment to tech. White is passionate about sharing this knowledge because she did it herself as a kid from the midwest who knew no one in her field of choice, with her name since gracing the cover of Billboard Magazine and featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Bloomberg, and ESPN. In this lecture, White discusses how to balance it all as a student and professional in a world of non-stop communication platforms. White will help young professionals cut  through the noise to learn how to interview, land, and prepare for an internship, as well as authentically network, thrive, and learn the secrets of success for your internships, career, and beyond.

You Are More Than Enough and It’s Time to Lead

Emily White has had the pleasure of speaking to and working with countless young women throughout the globe. Yet, even at some of the top academic programs in the country, White consistently has a queue of young women tell her that they aren’t _____ enough. These concerns run the gamut from not being outgoing “enough,” or just plain aren’t “enough” to go after what they really want yet. These concerns are quickly dispelled when the students are told honestly, “What are you talking about? You seem amazing!” They instantly light up and are ready to take on the world.

The issues that modern women face are complex, and far reaching beyond simple re-assurance. In this talk, White chronicles her experiences as a kid from the Midwest with no network, to the success she has obtained as an entrepreneur and thought-leader. She exposes the reality between what looks like utter success in the press and on social media. This ranges from physical sexual harassment by a boss at age 20 as an intern, to the glass ceiling she still faces when doing multi-million dollar deals and having to fight to get paid as the only woman involved. Or how she has successfully obtained equal pay for her work in academia and how all can apply these tactics to their job prospects. Women have come so far, but we are now in a place where we can talk about these experiences openly to support each other as current and future leaders to make the world a truly equitable and fair place for all moving forward.

How to Build a Sustainable Career in Music & Collect All Revenue Streams

Emily White has been at the forefront of the modern music industry over the past decade, as it shifted from physical to the streaming era. A lifelong advocate for artists, White has distilled everything she has to say on what artists can do to have a career for the long-term into actionable and methodical steps. As she is consistently  finding income for national and international acts, White realized there was a need to layout all available revenue streams for musicians to ensure they aren’t missing any income. This applies to both past releases, as well as how to get organized on building a sustainable career and collecting all revenue streams moving forward. A veteran speaker at a myriad of music events ranging from SXSW to Midem, White proudly serves on the boards of Future of Music, CASH Music, SXSW, The David Lynch Foundation Live while additionally serving on The Grammys’ Education Committee and Pandora’s Artist Advisory Council.