Gabi Moskowitz

Showing you how to make magic in a Hot Mess Kitchen.

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Gabi Moskowitz is the creator of the nationally-acclaimed budget cooking blog BrokeAss Gourmet, author of four books, and the co-producer of Freeform’s Young & Hungry. inspired by her life and writing. She also starred in a web series in conjunction with the show, called Young & Foodie.

When she is not blogging, writing books, or making television, Gabi’s writing can also be found in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Jewish Week, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Lenny Letter. She lives in Novato, California with her husband and daughter, and is at work on her fifth book.

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Food Therapy with Gabi Moskowitz

From baking pies to making “angry” pasta through depression and heartbreak, Gabi explores the therapeutic benefits of getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. Life is messy and it’s hard to be truly prepared, but there is no problem you can’t cook your way out of. Gabi’s show demonstrates how the process can be heartening, hilarious, and fun. It’s one part live cooking show and one part interview, injected with as much comedy and heart as possible.

Want to Change the World? Start by Baking Fresh Challah.

We live in a chaotic, unsure time. We spend our days working hard to get everything done amid worry about the future (both our own futures and that of the world), that when Friday night rolls around, it can seem totally overwhelming to imagine taking the time to really Shabbat. But I’m here to tell you that the simple act of shifting your attention away from your week, work, and the news cycle and over to the soothing process of kneading a rich dough of eggs, oil, flour, sugar, and salt, kneading it, and baking it into a beautiful golden loaf has the ability to transform not only your evening but the world we live in. Baking challah is both self-care and community care—committing to the act of baking it weekly, even if you participate in no other spiritual practice, has the potential to ignite major change within oneself and in the world.

You Don’t Have to Like Me

From the time they are very young, girls are taught that the most important thing to be is liked, and that being liked means being docile, unobtrusive, and sweet, whereas boys are encouraged to express themselves, their demonstrations of strong will praised. And so, while boys grow into men who value their thoughts and feelings and have no problem dissenting, talking back, and putting up boundaries, girls grow up to be women who are just as worried about being liked as they were as children. This talk is about the radical power that comes from the realization that it’s not only okay but actually good to not be liked (and, in fact, to be specifically disliked) by some people.


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Watch Gabi Moskowitz teach us how to make a super easy adorable breakfast that you eat out of a jar.

Lets Get Lexi

Gabi Moskowitz teaches Lexi and Hunter Pence how to make delicious Paleo Latkes for Hanukkah! Yum!


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