Kaitlin Sandeno

Inspiring a Golden Glow in all areas of life and business.

Kaitlin Sandeno is General Manager of The International Swimming League’s DC Trident, making her one of the first women in professional sports to hold the position of GM. Through this groundbreaking venture, Kaitlin is leading the charge with fellow legendary athletes Katie Ledecky, Natalie Coughlin, Anthony Ervin, as well as an all  female coaching staff. A 4x Olympic medalist herself, this foray into business was a clear stepping stone as Kaitlin’s career has exploded since retiring from competition. As a go-to host for USA Swimming, NBC, The Department of Defense’s Warrior Games and with a new memoir out via Rowman & Littlefield, Sandeno always puts athletes, talent and fans at the forefront. She is doing just that with DC Trident.

With this lecture, Kaitlin shares all of her best practices on marketing, modern business, social media, sponsorship, branding and more. Similarly, Sandeno deeply believes in giving back in both business and entertainment. As the national spokesperson for The Jessie Rees Foundation, Kaitlin regularly rallys her Olympic peers to deliver “Joy Jars” to countless children’s hospitals to those who need it most.  It is her pure passion for modern business and making a difference to all she encounters that fuels Kaitlin, who will share how others can utilize these elements for maximum success.

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Golden Glow

Kaitlin Sandeno captured the hearts of the world as the face of the 2000 and 2004 Olympics while just a teenager for Team USA. A 4x Olympic medalist, Kaitlin is now a regular host for USA Swimming, NBC, The Department Defense’s Warrior Games, and countless other events. Recently, she was named General Manager for The International Swimming League’s DC Trident, making her one of the first female GM’s in pro sports history. Kaitlin’s true passion has always been giving back. As a longtime spokesperson for the Jessie Rees Foundation, Kaitlin has visited over 150 children’s hospitals delivering “Joy Jars” to those who need it most. Despite Kaitlin’s Golden Glow, her path to success in and out of the pool has been far from straight and narrow. Kaitlin’s story intertwines   the hard work and perseverance that led her to Olympic gold and how that success in the pool enables her to inspire those around her in life, sports, business and beyond.

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