Miracle Olatunji

Author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact.

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Miracle Olatunji is an entrepreneur, activist, and author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact. In high school, she founded OpportuniMe, an award-winning education organization which connected other high schoolers to summer experiential learning opportunities to help them develop life and leadership skills, explore and cultivate their passions, and build their network. Through OpportuniMe, hundreds of youth have been able to find and secure incredible opportunities.

Now, in her sophomore year at Northeastern University, Miracle is the Director of Innovation at Thrive, a student organization which empowers college students through financial literacy programs and supports student-led entrepreneurial ventures in personal finance and financial technology. For her important work, Miracle has been honored as a Young Global Leadership Scholar, Youth Entrepreneur Of The Year, a 40 Under 40 Woman To Watch, one of The Root 25 Young Futurists & Changemakers, and grand prize winner of the World Series of Entrepreneurship. She has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Technical.ly, Harvard Business Review, and other leading publications.

Miracle was also selected as one of America’s Amazing Teens by the AAT Project, which identifies exceptional youth who are changing the world. She previously served as a member of the advisory board for the Diamond Challenge, one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship programs for high school students.

Popular Topics

The Global Impact of Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Young entrepreneurs are drivers of innovation, economic growth, and are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities and society at large. Entrepreneurship helps young people develop valuable skills such as collaboration, public speaking, critical thinking, and more. Drawing on her experience helping to lead the Diamond Challenge, one of the largest youth entrepreneurship competitions in the world, Miracle provides audiences with actionable advice on empowering and fostering youth entrepreneurship.

How To Attract, Retain, and Empower the Next Generation of Diverse Talent

The power of diversity can now be quantified in terms of creativity, profitability, higher return on capital, innovation, and benefits to humanity and society. This presentation provides tactical strategies to effectively attract, retain, and support diverse talent, particularly early-career and entry-level young professionals. Several companies are making efforts to build a diverse talent pipeline early as possible.Some are successful while others are not. Drawing from vast experience with these efforts, Miracle shares what works and what does not.

Why Your Why Matters: The Power of Purpose

The two most important days in our lives are: the day we were born and the day we find out why– in other words, the day or moments when we realize and feel connected to our purpose. We all have a purpose for our existence. Miracle takes audiences on her journey of surviving a difficult birth and learning pivotal life lessons to reinforce how purpose can shape our lives, organizations, and the world. This inspiring presentation will help you leverage the power of purpose to guide your life decisions and goals, build impactful organizations and movements, and create change.

EmpowHERed: Advancing Women Personally and Professionally

This presentation provides actionable advice and strategies for women on building their net worth, self worth, and network. Learn how to become financially literate and leverage the power of investing. Develop strategies for enhancing the skill of confidence and practicing positive self talk. Studies show that there’s not a competence gap, there’s a confidence gap. Gain advice on building strong personal and professional support network.

Books and Balance: Managing Life as a Student

Student life can be tough. With competing demands and deadlines, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this presentation, the audience will gain insights on balancing academics, health, social and family life, and extracurriculars and personal ventures. Learn how Miracle started and grew an organization and managed other aspects of her life– all while still in school and how you can too.

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