Simran Jeet Singh

Teaching Anti-Racism the Sikh Way.

Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is an educator, writer, activist, and scholar who speaks regularly on issues of diversity, inclusion and equity. Simran is currently based at Union Seminary, and he’s the first Sikh wire-service columnist in US history. He is the author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story of the Oldest Person to Run a Marathon, which is the first-ever children’s book from a major publisher (Penguin Random House) to center a Sikh story. Simran is also writing an adult non-fiction book for Riverhead (Penguin Random House) on Sikh wisdom to help navigate today’s contentious world.


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Teaching Anti-Racism the Sikh Way.

Recognized among Time Magazine’s 16 people fighting for a more equal America, Dr. Simran Jeet Singh is the Senior Adviser of Diversity and Inclusion for YSC Consulting and a Visiting Professor at Union Seminary. Simran is the author of an upcoming book for Penguin Random House entitled More of This Please: Sikh Wisdom for the Soul. He is also an Equality Fellow for the Open Societies Foundation and the best-selling author of Fauja Singh Keeps Going (Penguin Random House).

Growing up as a turban-wearing, brown-skinned, beard-loving Sikh in South Texas, Simran learned early that marginalized groups will not lecture their way into dignity and that empathy is truly built when people get to know each other as human beings. This realization is what brought him into the deep work of empathy-building as an approach for personal development and social change.

Simran is now a highly sought-out speaker on equity, inclusion, justice, and anti-racism. His thought leadership extends across corporate, university, and government settings, and his work has been featured in various outlets, including NPR, CNN, BBC, TIME, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.


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We, Darien Library, cannot thank you enough for your presentation this evening! It was stellar in every sense. Your generosity in sharing your own experience was exceptional, and sure to have broken down the walls of even the most resistant. The topics of representation, racism, diversity and inclusion are often overwhelming...yet by reducing it to the humanity that resides in each of us, allows all of us to be on the same footing. I cannot think of a better place to begin. In the meantime, thank you for a genuinely inspiring event.


The kiddos loved his story and his talk. His patience and gentle speaking manner were really appreciated by all.


Simran is so effective because his work centers on empathy and humility. His approach isn't one of prescribed answers, but rather engagement centered on deep listening with the objective to truly learn from the experience of others.


I’ve been following and learning from Simran for quite some time and have been so inspired by his unwavering and empathetic approach to anti-racist work. He shares stories that help open one’s eyes to another’s perspective; he helps us care. I recently invited Simran to speak at my company and he not only impressed the audience but inspired people to action. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone working to create a more inclusive and equitable culture.


Our members’ club had the opportunity to work with Prof. Singh on building empathy skills as an antidote to anger in a large in-person speaking program, then in two more intimate online sessions where he held space for our group to dig deeper into the power of gratitude to maintain perspective and to “find the silver lining” even when hope feels lost. Participants were deeply moved, felt they learned practical and nuanced personal skills, and were motivated to “do the work.” We count ourselves fortunate to have met and worked with Prof. Singh and hope to do so may more times to come.


Dr. Singh’s work is absolutely critical and essential for educators at all levels today. He tailors his speaking programs, workshops, voice, and wisdom to students, staff, and faculty of all ages. The work of anti- is a life-long process in which we must actively work to cultivate those values within ourselves and our communities. That journey can begin with Dr. Singh.


My dada is nice and smart. And he’s funny.

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