Shavone Charles

Founder of Magic in Her Melanin.

SHAVONE. is a multi-hyphenate creative and force in music, fashion and tech. On the heels of being named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and honored as a leading innovator alongside Virgil Abloh, she’s known across industries as a renaissance woman who continues to disrupt the norm as a classically-trained music artist, tastemaker and change agent in tech. SHAVONE. is dedicated to disruptive thinking, supporting women in creative fields and amplifying the stories of underrepresented voices.


Founder of Magic in Her Melanin.

SHAVONE’s artistry and identity are both closely rooted in tech culture, fashion and community. Her influence in fashion, tech and music have been profiled in outlets like PAPER Magazine, Billboard, DAZED, Complex UK, Forbes and ELLE, noting her history-making moves as the first African-American woman to ever be hired in both of her tech roles at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As a tastemaker and founder of the Magic in Her Melanin creative collective, SHAVONE. has collaborated with top brands across industries, ranging from Nike to Google, Puma, SpotifyDapper Dan and others.

SHAVONE. is a polymath creative and empowering woman, who continues to push boundaries, trailblazing a new, brighter path for creatives around the world.


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