Tiq Milan

Reimagining Manhood and Inclusion.

Tiq speaks and writes about intersectional leadership, transgender rights, and racial justice. He shares stories of his life and how his transgender experience has informed his views on masculinity, race, and the gender binary. A journalist for over a decade, his work has appeared on MIC, Buzzfeed, NBC and CNN. He is also a strategic media consultant helping organizations and companies create detailed media campaigns that will engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive and authentic.

Tiq’s Ted talk, “A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage,” is presented alongside his wife, has over one million views, and has been translated into over 15 languages. Tiq is a sought-after speaker that brings innovative and inspiring ideas to conversations about race, gender, and culture. He has spoken at Chicago Ideas Week, Summit at Sea, the Equity Summit, and countless conferences and events that are dedicated to moving the cultural needle towards one that is fairer and more inclusive. 

Tiq has been most inspired by his years mentoring LGBT youth at the Bronx Community Pride Center and the Hetrick Martin Institute in New York City. He was able to witness firsthand the intersectional lived experiences of gay and trans youth and how it is affected by social systems put in place to help them. He was most recently the senior media strategist and national spokesperson for GLAAD where he utilized the media to call attention to the needs of the LGBT community, particularly transgender people of color. 

Popular Topics

Reimagining Manhood: A Transgender Experience

Masculinity is as performative as any other gender. It is fluid, expansive, and belongs to anyone who embodies it. Tiq is a transgender man who has experienced gender on many different points across the spectrum. These experiences have shaped his approach to creating his own masculinity and allowed him to interrogate the toxic notions that are attached to being a man in the world. In this presentation Tiq shares stories of his journey of becoming a man and what he’s learned about the masculine experience and binary gender. He also looks at how race intersects with how we define gender.

Keeping it 100: Allyship and Love Across the Margins

In 2015, “they” became Webster Dictionary’s word of the year. When singer Janelle Monae announced she was pansexual, it was the most searched term on the internet. Being transgender or queer has emerged as identities that capture a large swath of people who are not invested in heteronormativity or binary definitions of gender and it’s leaving its mark on our culture. The existence of transgender and gender nonconforming people is making space to confront gender norms and social cues and expectations. In this presentation, Tiq discusses queer identity and strategies to create ally relationships as the human experience evolves and becomes increasingly complex.

The Right Side of the Future: Inclusion and Innovation

The evolution of language is one of the best examples of fruitful innovation ever. Tiq argues that effective, successful marketing is about finding common ground amongst the intersecting human experience, and he shows you how to do just that. He explores new, fresh, and insightful ways to have respectful, forward-thinking, and ultimately bonding interactions with your audience, and how to gain more consumers who will stick with you. On stage, Tiq is passionate, emotive, and teaches your audience through humor. He’s got powerful stats, colourful slideshows, and anecdotal evidence, all of which show that the more deeply and intimately we connect with people, the more prosperous our businesses becomes.