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  • Taraji P. Henson Tackles Mental Health Conversations With New Facebook Watch Show

    Golden Globe award winning-actress Taraji P. Henson and entrepreneur Tracie Jade Jenkins are shining a light on mental health in the new Facebook Watch show Peace of Mind with Taraji.

  • Youth Activist Uses Quarantine To Start Nonprofit That Translates Climate Change Information From English To Other Languages

    Sophia Kianni is 18 years old and has already accomplished quite a lot while being cooped up at home to help fight the spread of coronavirus. The Mclean, Virginia, high school senior and activist has started a nonprofit called Climate…

  • Colgate Optimism Project Gen Z

    Somewhere out there—beyond the gloomy shadows of a dismal, scary, and confusing year—lies your brilliant future. You may not be able to see it yet. But, it’s there—waiting within your reach. When you do reach it, the sparkles of triumph…

  • Now’s Our Chance: After A Tumultuous 2020, Women Leaders Share 8 Ways To Rebuild A Better World

    We’re all losing out when we silence voices, when we discourage confidence and when we discourage ambition.

  • Eunique Jones Gibson About #CultureTags Wants To Be The Next Uno, For The Culture

    Consumers are scrambling to stay entertained amid the ongoing pandemic. In an effort to help fill the void, Eunique Jones Gibson created “#CultureTags,” a card game that uses hashtags and acronyms to test whether players are up-to-speed on current culture.

  • Nitika Chopra Is Breaking The Cycle Of Isolation For 133 Million Chronically Ill Americans With The Launch Of The Chronicon Community

    Talk of health and healthcare flood our timelines and news cycle everyday.

  • Q&A: Ani DiFranco On The Importance Of Voting, Feminism, Billie Eilish, Beyonce And More

    Rebel, trailblazer, troubadour, folk hero, CEO — there are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe indie icon Ani DiFranco. But maybe the one that best sums up DiFranco is simply, badass.

  • Adapt Or Die: The Future Of Live Entertainment Discussed With Kevin Lyman

    Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped tour and associate professor of practice at University of Southern California in the music industry program is leading Adapt this Thursday, October 22nd.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Say Yes To Everything According To Activist Jamira Burley

    This week on Unfiltered we sat down with social-impact consultant Jamira Burley to talk about why you should be empowered to say no, about the Nguni Bantu of ubuntu and about the importance of being teachable.

  • Interview With Brittany Packnett Cunningham: On Building Teams, Not Saviors And What It Will Take To Achieve Racial Justice

    An award-winning educator, organizer, writer and leader, Packnett Cunningham’s deep work around social change and racial justice spans many years and platforms. She held top roles at Teach For America, served as a Congressional policy advisor and co-founded Campaign Zero,…

  • When Black Women Lead, We All Win: 10 Inspiring Leaders Show Us The Way

    In recognition of the importance of Black women’s leadership, this piece was co-written with my longtime friend and colleague Tolu Lawrence, a Nigerian American feminist, attorney, social impact strategist, and former public affairs advisor.

  • From Instagram To Founder: Shavone Charles Is Shaping The Future For Next-Gen Creatives

    Shavone Charles is a creative tour de force . As the previous Head of Global Music and Youth Culture Communications at Instagram and current Founder of Magic in Her Melanin, a creative collective and in-house agency that bridges the gap…

  • How Shavone Charles Created Her Dream Job In Tech

    Shavone Charles holds many titles. From being a musician and artist to her role as Head of Global Music and Youth Culture Communications at Instagram and recent founder of a passion project, Magic in Her Melanin, Charles is undoubtedly known…

  • How High School Founder Miracle Olatunji Is Democratizing Opportunity

    When Miracle Olatunji’s mother was pregnant, she faced many prenatal complications. “I wasn't expected to even come to full term,” Olatunji said.

  • PLUS1 Founder Marika Anthony Shaw Is Changing How We Give

    “Awareness and advocacy and talking about the issues is so vital and we have the power to do that as people who hold a microphone every night,” says Marika Anthony- Show, co-founder of PLUS1.

  • Black On Capitol Hill: 5 Women Share Their Motivations And How To Get Involved

    Black women are becoming a strong voice in the political atmosphere, as demonstrated by the results of the 2017 Senate election in Alabama

  • From Murder To The Mayor’s Office: A Story Of Grit And Excellence

    The first of 16 siblings to graduate from high school and college, 26-year-old Jamira Burley’s youth was filled with violence and surrounded by drugs.

  • Imani writes about disabled people for Forbes Magazine

    As a communications professional, public speaker, writer and blogger, I explore disability culture as well as society and business’s perceptions of disabled people from the perspective of...

  • The Myth Of CEO Work-Life Balance

    I often read your column “My Workout” to learn tips on how other CEOs stay on top of their game.


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