Whether they are confronting the patriarchy or ending rape culture, these women are fighting The advocacy of women’s rights has evolved. No longer content with merely a seat at existing tables, this new wave of leaders are building their own. Sexism exists in every industry. The gender pay gap continues despite policies intended to narrow it. Even as we pass the century milestone of women’s suffrage, much work remains. Whether they are confronting the patriarchy, reinventing the workplace or working to end rape culture, these women are fighting for gender equality.


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  • How the Women’s March Organizers Sparked a Movement—and They’re Still Fighting for You
    By early January there were more than two dozen organizers for the national committee: women of all ages, ethnicities, religions, locations, sexualities, and occupations; artists, chefs, community organizers, attorneys.
  • Q&A: Ani DiFranco On The Importance Of Voting, Feminism, Billie Eilish, Beyonce And More
    Rebel, trailblazer, troubadour, folk hero, CEO — there are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe indie icon Ani DiFranco. But maybe the one that best sums…
    For this year’s International Day of the Girl, CARE has chosen five women to tell the stories of five girls from around the world.
  • From Instagram To Founder: Shavone Charles Is Shaping The Future For Next-Gen Creatives
    Shavone Charles is a creative tour de force . As the previous Head of Global Music and Youth Culture Communications at Instagram and current Founder of Magic in Her Melanin,…
  • How Shavone Charles Created Her Dream Job In Tech
    Shavone Charles holds many titles. From being a musician and artist to her role as Head of Global Music and Youth Culture Communications at Instagram and recent founder of a…
  • Shavone Charles Is Shaping the Tech Industry as a Champion of the Culture
    Shavone Charles, a next-gen creative who currently heads up Instagram‘s global music and youth culture communications out of Los Angeles.

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