Great leaders know how to listen and respond. They remain open to new ideas and concepts in order to create strategy others will follow. They provide a vision for their organizations, campaigns and movements. Ultimately, great leaders motivate diverse groups to work towards a common goal. Through inspiration and innovation, these keynoters promote team-building and achievement. They are motivational speakers who reflect the diversity of today’s culture.


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  • Yale National Security Law Scholar Asha Rangappa Would Really Need to Think to Make a Connection Between Cheerleading and Intelligence Work
    Asha Rangappa is a Yale national security law scholar and former FBI counterintelligence agent. Before taking part in a Zócalo event asking “What Do We Do Now?,” Rangappa called into…
  • Shavone Charles – How This Multi-Hyphenate Entrepreneur Recharges at the End of Each Day
    Take a peek at any workday on Shavone Charles’ schedule, and you may begin to feel slightly overwhelmed. Here’s a simplified breakdown: Charles is a multi-hyphenate creative who splits her…
  • Miracle Olatunji, Founder of OpportuniMe
    Miracle Olatunji is the Founder of OpportuniMe to connect the next generation of people to experiential learning opportunities.
  • Q&A: Ani DiFranco On The Importance Of Voting, Feminism, Billie Eilish, Beyonce And More
    Rebel, trailblazer, troubadour, folk hero, CEO — there are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe indie icon Ani DiFranco. But maybe the one that best sums…
  • Shavone The Inverse of Trauma
    2020 has whittled down into a tumultuous testament with defining chapters, and SHAVONE (nee Shavone Charles) insists that while challenging, it’s been a year of constant creation, personally and sonically.
  • The alarming question behind Barr’s ‘unmasking’ probe By Asha Rangappa
    Attorney General William Barr's personally ordered an investigation into the Obama administration's handling of intelligence reports -- dubbed "OBAMAGATE!" by President Trump -- apparently ended with a whimper Tuesday.

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