Great leaders know how to listen and respond. They remain open to new ideas and concepts in order to create strategy others will follow. They provide a vision for their organizations, campaigns and movements. Ultimately, great leaders motivate diverse groups to work towards a common goal. Through inspiration and innovation, these keynoters promote team-building and achievement. They are motivational speakers who reflect the diversity of today’s culture.


Our speakers get attention.

  • BET News Special Full Episode: Before the Booth: Jamira Burley
    Jamira Burley shares her demands for the 2020 Presidential nominees
  • Jeffrey Marsh takes on conservative cable news host, Newsmax
    Always fight hate with love
  • When Black Women Lead, We All Win: 10 Inspiring Leaders Show Us The Way
    In recognition of the importance of Black women’s leadership, this piece was co-written with my longtime friend and colleague Tolu Lawrence, a Nigerian American feminist, attorney, social impact strategist, and…
  • Ziad Ahmed talks about youth stereotypes in this fun TEDx talk.
    Ziad Ahmed, a 16-year-old Muslim American Bangladeshi talks about society's expectations regarding the stereotypical view it has on teenagers.
  • Because of Trump, I’ve Had a Conversation With Almost Every Single Person in My School
    Teen activist Ziad Ahmed shares why he talked to 237 people as a result of Donald Trump’s election.
  • PLUS1 Founder Marika Anthony Shaw Is Changing How We Give
    “Awareness and advocacy and talking about the issues is so vital and we have the power to do that as people who hold a microphone every night,” says Marika Anthony-…

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