Educators and teachers are tasked with preparing their students for an ever-changing world. At a time when budgets are being slashed and teaching methods are challenged, the job has become exponentially more difficult. Emerging technologies can help bridge the gaps as teachers strive to instill a love of education that will endure outside of school. From equity to pedagogy, these keynoters have unique insights on the latest trends in teaching and learning.


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  • Trump can still make it very hard for the FBI to investigate him next year
    From a self-pardon to ordering Justice Department memos, the president has the power to protect himself
  • Sex Is Great, but I’m Not Risking COVID for a Hookup
    There’s no safe way to have a random hookup in the age of COVID-19. Michael Arceneaux misses sex, but is getting it on with a stranger worth the risk?
  • Meet the Fellows: An Interview with Brittany Packnett Cunningham
    Brittany Packnett Cunningham is a Fall 2020 Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics, a NBC News and MSNBC Contributor, and host of UNDISTRACTED, a news and justice podcast with…
  • Christina Ochoa joins The Distillery, episode four: Think differently
    In the fourth episode of the series, hosts Jager and Ferguson are joined by actress Christina Ochoa; Dean of the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado…
  • Life as a Covid-19 Long-Termer By Elizabeth Yuko
    It’s becoming clear that, for many people, symptoms can persist for months — and they can wreak havoc on our bodies, and our mental health
  • Why turnout for Trump is a major blow to public health- Opinion by Elizabeth Yuko
    As I watched the election results trickle in Tuesday night and the counting continue through the week, it became evident that no matter who wins, public health has suffered a…

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