Racial Equity

Racial equity can only be achieved when identity no longer predicts outcomes. With so many of our systems lacking justice, as well as common sense, striving for merely racial equality is insufficient. Organizations must consider a myriad of factors (socioeconomics, geography, culture) in order to level the playing field. Those with privilege must understand how to spend it effectively. These thought leaders seek to dismantle systemic racism and promote policies that work for everyone.


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  • Brea Baker- Read Every Word of This Yale Student’s Account of Racism at Her School
    In a new essay for Elle, Brea Baker breaks down the racism she sees at Yale University, how the school has tried to fix issues on campus and the things…
  • These 5 Steps Towards Anti-Racism Begin with Living Values Out Loud, Writes Activist Brea Baker
    PEOPLE’s Voices from the Fight Against Racism will amplify Black perspectives on the push for equality and justice
  • Brea Baker- An Activist At Yale On What It’s Like To Be #BlackonCampus
    Brea Baker, 21, is a senior at Yale from Freeport, NY, and the president of Yale's NAACP chapter. Over the phone late Wednesday evening, she spoke to ELLE.com to walk…
  • Brea Baker About Inspire Justice Activists on Juneteenth in Hollywood and Using the Day Off as a “Day On”
    The social impact agency's Brea Baker and Taylor K. Shaw, who educate and train stars, influencers and media companies to use their platforms for social good, explain how the entertainment…
  • Brea Baker About ‘I Can’t Focus on Abortion Access if My People Are Dying’
    Some Gen Z and millennial women said they viewed abortion rights as important but less urgent than other social justice causes. Others said racial disparities in reproductive health must be…
  • Glory Edim About ‘Seen, known and heard’: Black readers find education and healing in book clubs
    Glory Edim, founder of Well-Read Black Girl, was seeking community though literature by authors of color and featuring Black and brown protagonists.

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