Mental Health

One out of five Americans will suffer from a mental health condition during their lifetime. Most of these will go untreated due to lack of access to services, lack of insurance, or shame. Sharing their personal stories and expertise, these mental health speakers are working to end the stigma associated with mental health and addiction. Through compassion and insight, they are raising awareness of self injury, suicide, and body image issues. Their mission is to provide the language and skills needed to ask for help with depression, anxiety, and other health challenges.


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  • Nitika Chopra Shares How Growing Up With Severe Psoriasis Shaped Her as a Person
    I'm almost 39 now, but I was first diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 10. Almost a decade later at 19, I developed psoriatic arthritis.
  • 5 ways to find self-love when you struggle with chronic illness
    “Having severe psoriasis and being a curvy girl, I never thought I’d be on a beach in a swimsuit, forget on an advertisement on the NYC subway,” exclaims chronic illness…
  • Having a Chronic Illness Can Be Isolating, but This Virtual Community Hopes To Change That
    When chronic health advocate Nitika Chopra first organized and hosted Chronicon, a summit specifically for helping people with chronic illnesses foster meaningful connections, it was just the beginning of something…
  • Nitika Chopra Is Breaking The Cycle Of Isolation For 133 Million Chronically Ill Americans With The Launch Of The Chronicon Community
    Talk of health and healthcare flood our timelines and news cycle everyday.
  • Finding the Funny – and Embracing the Pain – of Depression
    John Moe took a bold step when he decided to start a podcast featuring frank, but funny, conversations about depression. The public radio personality and author created a space for…
  • Angelica Ross on Inclusivity in Hollywood, Getting a Buzz Cut, and Blossoming Into Herself
    Read about how Angelica Ross is dealing with the pandemic and her thoughts on current issues of race and self care.

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