Mental Health

One out of five Americans will suffer from a mental health condition during their lifetime. Most of these will go untreated due to lack of access to services, lack of insurance, or shame. Sharing their personal stories and expertise, these mental health speakers are working to end the stigma associated with mental health and addiction. Through compassion and insight, they are raising awareness of self injury, suicide, and body image issues. Their mission is to provide the language and skills needed to ask for help with depression, anxiety, and other health challenges.


Our speakers get attention.

  • Angelica Ross on Inclusivity in Hollywood, Getting a Buzz Cut, and Blossoming Into Herself
    Read about how Angelica Ross is dealing with the pandemic and her thoughts on current issues of race and self care.
  • Non-Binary Sensation Jeffrey Marsh Wants You to Love You
    Jeffrey talks about how to be true to you
  • New York Times under fire for ‘homophobic’ cartoon of Trump and Putin
    Read what Jeffrey has to say on the New York Times cartoon
  • These Vines Will Soothe Your Soul In 6 Seconds
    Watch some of Jeffrey's powerful Vines
  • Social Media Star Jeffrey Marsh on How to Live Your Best Life
    Watch Jeffrey on TIME’s Facebook discuss their life motto
  • Roundtable: Are White Gay Men Stealing ‘Culture’ From Black Women?”
    "Host Michel Martin speaks with a roundtable of journalists and commentators about the latest buzz in the world of pop culture"

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