From personal memoirs to historical non-fiction, these distinguished writers offer unique insights on the human condition. Their best-selling books have brought their messages to the masses. Now, through lectures, readings and virtual events, these ideas can go even further. Our roster includes journalists, historians, poets, and people with inspirational stories. Whether it’s the written word or the spoken word, these artists have the ability to change our thinking as they expand our ability to view the world through another person’s eyes. These events not only entertain but encourage compassion and empathy in all of us.


Our speakers get attention.

  • Non-Binary Sensation Jeffrey Marsh Wants You to Love You
    Jeffrey talks about how to be true to you
  • New York Times under fire for ‘homophobic’ cartoon of Trump and Putin
    Read what Jeffrey has to say on the New York Times cartoon
  • The Gender Fluid Generation with Jeffrey Marsh
    Watch Jeffrey Marsh get interviewed on KTLA about his book
  • Michael Arceneaux’s Vegan Soul Food Dinner with Erykah Badu
    Michael Arceneaux describes his awkward kimono dinner with Erykah Badu
  • Writer Michael Arceneaux is Back
    Michael Arceneaux talks Remy/Nicki, Beyoncé, Future, and his true feelings about Get Out
  • Disentangling US team sports and US militarism
    Will the current sports activism around racial justice extend to the global, neocolonial racial injustice that the US and its NATO partners impose on Africa, Latin America, East Asia and…

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