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Imani Barbarin

Crutches & Spice

Imani Barbarin is a disability rights and inclusion activist and speaker who uses her voice and social media platforms to create conversations engaging the disability community. Born with cerebral palsy, Imani often writes and uses her platform to speak from the perspective of a disabled black woman.


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Crutches & Spice

In the last few years she has created over a dozen trending hashtags that allow disabled folk the opportunity to have their perspectives heard while forcing the world to take notice. #PatientsAreNotFaking, #ThingsDisabledPeopleKnow, #AbledsAreWeird and others each provide a window into disabled life while forming community.

Imani is from the Philadelphia area and holds a Masters in Global Communications from the American University of Paris, her published works include those in Forbes, Rewire, Healthline, BitchMedia and more. She runs the blog and a podcast of the same name. She currently serves as the Communications Director for a nonprofit in Pennsylvania.


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Imani was incredible, from beginning to end, we're so, so grateful for her speaking.

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Imani was really powerful and we were so thrilled she was able to join us


"Imani was wonderful! She is a really engaging speaker.”

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