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Lux Alptraum

Exploring the connections of Sex, Lies, and Technology.

Lux Alptraum is a writer, producer, and consultant whose smart commentary has been featured in publications including The New York TimesNew York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Hustler.


Exploring the connections of Sex, Lies, and Technology.

She writes a weekly column on sex and technology for Medium’s OneZero, and helped craft Fusion’s Peabody-nominated Sex.Right.Now. in her role as Development Producer. Her first book, Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex — And the Truths They Reveal, examines our fascination with feminine deceit.


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  • The Real Naked Selfies Are Coming
    Lux Alptraum argues that the surfacing of a nude photo says nothing about a young woman’s talent or skills and everything about those attempting shame her through an extreme violation…
  • The problem with how men perceive rape
    Lux Alptraum writes about “not rape” violations, and sexual microaggressions.
  • The return of Louie CK’s debate
    Listen to Lux Alptraum discuss Louis CK on the Comedy Cellar’s Live From America podcast.

Lux was a terrific participant at the 2019 Conference on World Affairs. Lux appeared on seven panels in 2019, speaking eloquently on topics ranging from "Why Do We Lie" to "Is Social Media the New Frontier for Women's Rights?" I heard many unsolicited comments appreciating both the inspiring comments that she made and her thoughtful responses to questions. As the Chair, I was personally grateful to her one morning when, due to weather issues, her panel was missing speakers & danger of cancellation. Instead of letting it die, Lux rounded up some of the other speakers that she had met and created an exceptional panel. Lux is the greatest!

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Lux’s workshop was a great 101 for reporters across beats on how to cover sex and sex harassment responsibly. She drew clear connections between the sex industry and our newsroom’s areas of focus, made a persuasive case for more and better sex coverage, outlined common reporting pitfalls that can harm sources and undermine the credibility of the journalist and newsroom, and fielded specific questions that have come up in our reporting. Her workshop addressed gaps in most journalism curricula and gave our newsroom basic best practices for covering complex and uncomfortable topics — even when the best advice is to seek an authoritative subject-matter expert to do the story.

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