Milana Vayntrub

Yep, she was on that show but hey, can we talk about doing something for refugees for a minute?

Milana Vayntrub, Adweek Creative 100 and #Can’tDoNothing co-founder, shares her message of hope, opportunity, and global responsibility, challenging others to make the world a better place.


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Yep, she was on that show but hey, can we talk about doing something for refugees for a minute?

Many know her as saleswoman Lily Adams in AT&T’s popular series of commercials or as Sloan from This Is Us, but it is Milana’s compelling story as a refugee and advocate for combatting the global refugee crisis that is truly capturing the world’s attention. At the age of two, she fled religious persecution in Uzbekistan with her parents to make a home in America. 25 years later, she co-founded the grassroots #CantDoNothing organization, created to encourage others to give their time, money, and voice to assist refugees worldwide.

An “Upright Citizens Brigade”-trained comedian, Milana has appeared on TV and the big screen, including on Showtime’s House of Lies and HBO’s Californication, and in Ghostbusters and Life Happens. She will also play the role of Squirrel Girl in the Marvel’s 2018 series, New Warriors, on Free Form.

In 2016, Milana was named among the top 100 thinkers, makers, and doers in marketing and media by Adweek, which described her as a “creative force for good.” She now brings that force to audiences as she shares her inspiring journey to becoming a self-made artist and activist. Charismatic, funny, and illuminating on stage, she encourages audiences to become active citizens, discover the issues important to them, and realize the power that one person has to change the world.


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Milana was a gem! Her presentation was nicely polished and had a nice flow to it. Her speaking style is very engaging, relatable, and made students feel comfortable interacting with her. We had a full house for the talk (80 students) and the classroom visit went very well – the instructor LOVED it!

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Milana is absolutely lovely! What a joy to work with and be around! She was wonderful, kind, grateful, and very funny. LOVE her sense of humor. I could have spent days talking with her.

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