Tiq Milan

Reimagining Manhood and Inclusion.

Tiq speaks and writes about intersectional leadership, transgender rights, and racial justice. He shares stories of his life and how his transgender experience has informed his views on masculinity, race, and the gender binary. A journalist for over a decade, his work has appeared on MIC, Buzzfeed, NBC and CNN. He is also a strategic media consultant helping organizations and companies create detailed media campaigns that will engage diverse audiences in ways that are inclusive and authentic.


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Reimagining Manhood and Inclusion.

Tiq’s Ted talk, “A Queer Vision of Love and Marriage,” is presented alongside his former wife, has over one million views, and has been translated into over 15 languages. Tiq is a sought-after speaker that brings innovative and inspiring ideas to conversations about race, gender, and culture. He has spoken at Chicago Ideas Week, Summit at Sea, the Equity Summit, and countless conferences and events that are dedicated to moving the cultural needle towards one that is fairer and more inclusive.

Tiq has been most inspired by his years mentoring LGBT youth at the Bronx Community Pride Center and the Hetrick Martin Institute in New York City. He was able to witness firsthand the intersectional lived experiences of gay and trans youth and how it is affected by social systems put in place to help them. He was most recently the senior media strategist and national spokesperson for GLAAD where he utilized the media to call attention to the needs of the LGBT community, particularly transgender people of color.


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  • Tiq Milan Balances His Health, Fatherhood, and the Stereotypes of Masculinity as a Transgender Man
    Tiq Milan is a speaker, humans right advocate, and journalist who is passionate about helping both transgender and cisgender men break down stereotypes surrounding what it means to be masculine.

Virtual meetings can leave us feeling disconnected from one another, but Tiq Milan managed to fill our virtual discussion space with love. He brought us together and filled us with the warmth of human contact even though none of us were in the same physical space. Working with Tiq and his team at Collective Speakers has been a true pleasure from start to finish!

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