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Kristina Wong

Can you challenge political apathy, mental health, and income inequality and STILL LAUGH? Sure you can! Kristina will show you!

Kristina Wong was featured in The New York Times’ Off Color series “highlighting artists of color who use humor to make smart social statements about the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious ways that race plays out in America today.” She is a performance artist, comedian, and writer who has presented across North America, the UK, and Hong Kong.  Her most notable touring show, “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, looks at the high rates of depression and suicide among Asian American women and has toured dozens of venues across the United States since 2006. It’s now a broadcast-quality film distributed by Cinema Libre Studios.


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Can you challenge political apathy, mental health, and income inequality and STILL LAUGH? Sure you can! Kristina will show you!

She’s been a commentator for American Public Media’s Marketplace, PBS, Jezebel, xoJane, Playgirl Magazine, and the Huffington Post, and has been a guest on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, FXX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Al Jazeera’s “The Stream”, and AM Tonight on Fusion TV.  She recently had a pilot presentation with Lionsgate for truTV.  Her work has been awarded with grants from Creative Capital, The MAP Fund, the Center for Cultural Innovation, the Durfee Foundation, the National Performance Network, six Artist-in-Residence grants, and a COLA Master Artist Fellowship from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

In 2017, she was named one of the “YBCA 100″ celebrating the innovators, provocateurs, and thought leaders who are using their platforms to create cultural movements.  She also received the Focus Award from Kearny Street Workshop for her unique contribution to amplifying the APA community’s collective voice within American culture.  She’s been awarded residencies from the MacDowell Colony, the New York Theater Workshop, the Ojai Playwrights Festival, the Montalvo Center for the Arts, Hermitage, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

On television, she’s been on General Hospital, Nickelodeon’s Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn, and Myx TV’sI’m Asian American and Want Reparations for Yellow Fever. She is currently touring “The Wong Street Journal” which navigates white privilege as an Asian American “Mzungu” in East Africa.  She spent a month in Northern Uganda recording a hit rap album Mzungu Pricewith local rappers and doing research for that show. Kristina’s mail-order bride website is  She has taught at Cal Arts in the MFA Creative Writing Program and twice given the commencement speech at UCLA, her alma mater. Her newest show is titled “Kristina Wong for Public Office” and is a campaign-style comedic performance that will leave guests questioning the present state of politics and campaign methods.


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How brilliant you were last night! And a sorely needed tonic antidote to our hideous horror show week of dissolution and ignominy…. the piece was like a perfect lasagna, multilayered, dense and yet not heavy, but fluffy and light. I can count on my two hands how many standing ovations I’ve given but last night was one such in part because you spoke so uncannily to the exact present instant we all inhabited last night, in the way that only performance art and/ or poets-- as distinct from plays, can do. What a pleasure. Plus you were funny as hell AND we all wept with you.


Kristina Wong is a performance artist, comedian, writer, and AN ELECTED OFFICIAL on our Koreatown Neighborhood Council. Tonight, she used her platform as a performer and her experiences in politics to draw attention to little known details of the democratic process; important stats about API, undocumented, black, and unhoused communities; and the sexism, racism, and classism that have rooted our ways of life for CENTURIES. Super important work while she manages to make us laugh.


I’ve always been a political junkie with plenty of grievances about the state of the world. But after watching Kristina’s show, I was inspired to contact my neighborhood council and now am going to sit on a local committee. What kind of show propels you to take that kind of action and is entertaining? Kristina Wong for Public Office!


Kristina Wong's new piece makes performance art relevant again. She's the b12 that this art form needs.


It felt so intimate to be privy to your research, correlations, obsessions, and patchworking. It was so fitting along the lines of the world at large.

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