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Miracle Olatunji

Gen Z Author and Inclusive Personal Finance Educator

Miracle Olatunji is an entrepreneur, activist, and author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact.


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Gen Z Author and Inclusive Personal Finance Educator

Miracle Olatunji is a college student, entrepreneur, and author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact. She is the founder OpportuniMe, a digital media and education company which empowers the next generation of leaders to develop life, leadership, and career skills. Miracle founded OpportuniMe when she was 17 years old and has helped thousands of emerging leaders as they pursue their personal and professional goals in the digital age.

Miracle has been honored as one of The Tempest Magazine’s ‘40 Women To Watch Who Are Changing The World’, a ‘Young Futurist and Game-changer’ by The Root Magazine, one of the ‘25 Under 25” by BostInno Magazine, and of the “20 Under 40: Young Shapers of Business and Entrepreneurship” by Britannica. Her work has also been featured in Forbes,, The CEO Library, The Female Lead, and other publications. She was honored as an EXTRAOrdinary Woman by during the International Women’s Day Celebration at City Hall. During the summer after her freshman year of college, she was selected as a Young Global Leadership Scholar which enabled her to live and study abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, she is a junior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA where she studies Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Recently, Miracle was part of Barbie’s #YouCanBeAnything #MoreRoleModels global campaign aimed at closing the dream gap and inspiring women and girls around the world. She was also part of Melinda Gates and the Harvard Business Review’s ‘Equality Can’t Wait’ campaign on gender equality. Her goal is to use her platform and personal story to inform, uplift, and inspire others.


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    Miracle Olatunji is the Founder of OpportuniMe to connect the next generation of people to experiential learning opportunities.
  • Miracle Olatunji named 2019 EXTRAordinary Woman named Miracle Olatunji one of 2019’s Most EXTRAordinary Women.

Out of all the events that we have produced, the Global Summit by far has gotten the most impactful feedback--and it is because of speakers like Miracle! Her talk was amazing.

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We work with researchers and experts around the world on resilience skills such as purpose and meaning, and Miracle gets right to the heart of it all in a relatable and actionable way.

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Miracle is an inspiration. Even at an extraordinarily young age, she is able to dig deep and impart wisdom in a way that is extremely accessible to young and alike.

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