Zach Barack

Trans boundary smasher of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Zach Barack is a young transgender actor and musician from the northern suburbs of Chicago. In Summer 2019, Zach made history as the first out transgender actor to carry a major role in a Marvel film. You can see him in Spider-Man: Far from Home. He appears in the musical finale to the landmark Amazon series Transparent. Zach is also a comedian, a songwriter, and a student at the University of Southern California.


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    As the first openly transgender actor to appear in a Marvel Studios blockbuster, Zach Barack couldn't be more thrilled
  • LIFESTYLES How ‘Spider-Man’ star and Evanston native Zach Barack, the first openly transgender actor featured in a Marvel film, shed his own secret identity
    If you haven’t been living under a particularly obtrusive boulder for the last two decades, you know Spider-Man’s story by heart.
  • Transgender actor Zach Barack lands role in new ‘Spider-Man’ movie
    Zach Barack, a 23-year-old transgender actor from the suburbs of Chicago, will appear in Marvel’s upcoming "Spider-Man: Far From Home" movie
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